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Carry On

by Among The Wanted

Among The Wanted is the ongoing studio project and band that has been an outlet for us to create and share music under a single name! It has seen many members come and go, it has been all about fame, and all about fun! Now its just about sharing the music we make with the rest of the world! This band has no expiration date, has no budget, has no one to impress or live u...

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Destroy Rebuild

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Album Spotlight

Polar Similar by Norma Jean is in the album spotlight for October. Polar Similar is Norma Jean's seventh album and features further explorations into space, atmosphere, and instrumentation. "Polar similar, really, is what it is. You hear polar opposites, but I think the more truer form of that is actually polar similar, which I guess is something we made up. I was thinking about polar opposites, especially in the social climate the world is in today, where everyone's pointing fingers and nobody's getting along, I was trying to think of something that related to that in a broader sense. This polar opposites idea, when I see it, I imagine two poles, and I thought maybe those poles meet in the middle somewhere, in an unseen place we can't see. I just like that idea." - Cory Putman

Indie Spotlight

Long Live The Rebels by Disciple is in the indie spotlight for October. After meeting their $60,000 Kickstarter campaign goal in just 6 days, Disciple release their second crowd funded album, Long Live The Rebels. "When we started Disciple we wanted to play music that would impact people's lives, and that mission has never been stronger than it is today. And while the world goes their way, we are the rebels who will walk the other way. We are the rebels who will change the world. We're asking you to join us, to stand with us as we combine the power of music with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to change this world, one life at a time. Long Live the Rebels."
- Kevin Young, Joey West, Andrew Stanton, Josiah Prince