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Prescribed Rebellion

by The Old-Timers

The Old-timers is a South African Christian hardcore band that primarily plays hardcore punk and punk rock. The band started making music in 2011, and their members currently consist of vocalist, xDave Old-Timerx, with guitar noises by Don Old-timer and drum thumping by Phil Old-timer (Who also drums for False Idle). They signed to Thumper Punk Records for their first studio album, Soli Deo Gloria, which was released i...

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Soli Deo Gloria

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  • FUELtide Carols!
  • November 30, 2016, 05:07:28 AM
  • We are mixing in the Christmas music all December long and all Christmas songs are available for request! Come get your halls decked!

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Album Spotlight

Types & Shadows by Wolves At The Gate is in the album spotlight for December. This is a record that continually introduces the listener to the post hardcore boundlessness that is Wolves At The Gate while inviting them to see the beauty in God's mercy to sinners. "All the songs on the record are written in story form: some of it's in first person narrative, some of it third, and some of it is written allegorically. They're all shadows of real stories," explains vocalist, Steve Cobucci, "stories that represent my sin and continued revelation that God is gracious despite how broken I am." Wolves At The Gate wraps their heavy sound in a weightless grace, one that reminds each listening ear that the beauty of brokenness isn't solely found in swooping melodies or emphatic beats, but in the One who can restore it all.

Indie Spotlight

Death Defeated by Agonal is in the indie spotlight for December. On this album, Finnish singer/songwriter Ville Hämäläinen added his signature sound to the band. Death Defeated has elements of doom, black, death, gothic, and even groove metal. The lyrics and theme of the album are to give the utmost praise and honor to our Father God and to Jesus Christ. On the cross Christ defeated the works of the devil, and death and the enemy will ultimately be cast into the lake of fire. Agonal comes from the Greek word agon which means to struggle. The word agonal is usually associated with great pain and relating to that which occurs just before death. The question is how will you think and what will you do just before your death? Will you find your true path before your life comes to its unfortunate end? The way, the truth, and the life will only come through believing on Jesus Christ.


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    • Bloodline

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